Competition Aged Online Team Sheets are Active

The majority of competition aged (Under 12 +) coaches and managers are now able to access their team sheets online. You will no longer need to fill out a paper team sheet.

Online Team Sheet Help

Here are a few reasons why you may not be able to access your team sheets:

  1.  The MyFGC database has not been updated. You may need to wait till tomorrow
  2. You have not registered as a coach/volunteer on MyFootballClub. There have been several sms’s sent out to people regarding not registering.
  3. You have not come to the club and filled out the paperwork required to make you active. We are not activating volunteers if we don’t have the necessary information.

If you wish to add a volunteer to your bench, as a Bench Official, Assistant Coach etc, they must come to the club and fill out the paperwork. We will require a copy of their Blue Card, or complete an application at the club (bring their license and medicare card) and they must be registered on MyFootballClub as a volunteer. Activation can take at least a day, DO NOT LEAVE IT TO GAME DAY TO ADD A VOLUNTEER TO THE BENCH, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

The majority of players have been added to team sheets. If you are missing players, please add them. If you can not add players, they are not active because they have not paid fees. Please inform the players they need to come to the club to finalise payment.  As above, activation can take at least at day, DO NOT LEAVE IT TO GAME DAY TO PAY FEES AND BE MADE ACTIVE TO PLAY, IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.

You will need to update photos for players who are missing them. Please ensure this is done before game day. If players can not be identified then they may not be able to play or your game may be forfeited. (CMC Rule 4.3.3). You can take a photo and add them to your online team sheet with your phone.

If you have issues using MyFGC, Paul will be at the clubhouse Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after 5.30pm to help.