Soccer Excellence – Phase II

As we move in to the second half of the 2018 season, we will be transitioning into phase II of the SEP. Mini Roo Training will be condensed to allow our DOC to now work with our competition aged coaches and teams.

This will begin from Monday, 25th June.

What this means:

Mini Roo Training – We encourage all teams and coaches to attend these training sessions to learn new skills. You are welcome to attend even if your team doesn’t. (Coaches – please bring your ball kit)

Competition Age Training –  Our DOC will be assisting coaches and players during their training sessions (Monday & Wednesday after 5.30pm and from 5pm Tuesday & Thursday). Coaches are welcome to contact Fraser to set up times.

Goalkeeper Training-  Brett will continue training goalkeepers as per usual. This is another club resource we hope all aspiring keepers will attend.

The training above is FREE to all Club Members

Ages 3-5 SEP – As we come to another successful end of our second 8 week Ages 3-5 SEP, we will continue with a third round in the next term. Details will be posted shortly.