‘The Mudgee Way’…. Implementation

Coach Development

We believe that the best way to begin to implement the Junior Development Plan (JDP) vision, ‘The Mudgee Way’, is through coach education.

Our coaches are our volunteer parents. As a community club we must draw from our members to be coaches. In the past we have not properly assisted our coaches in their education.  Moving forward we will better support our coaches by teaching them the vision of the ‘The Mudgee Way’, so they will have the tools to further educate our players. By ‘investing’ in our coaches we hope they will be here for the long haul and carry on coaching into the future

We will begin 2019 with the development of our Mini Roo Coaches.

The following will be the procedure going forward for the club:

  • ALL Mini Roo Coaches will attend the Grassroots Course, held at the club, at the start of the year (Other parents are also welcome to attend). Plans are to have this during the regular coaches meeting. Once completed coach will be given their coaching kits (balls, bibs, cones and workbook). Even if you have done the course before, you will be required to attend again;
  • Mini Roo Coaches will be given age appropriate coaching workbook. The workbook explains the club philosophy and what  skills training is  required from each age group. We will include session plans for coaches to use throughout the season;
  • Mini Roo teams will have a MANDATORY nights training. The Director of Coaching (DOC) will contact coaches at the start of the week to let them know which skill is to be trained on the night. The coaches will be required to set up the appropriate session by referring to their workbook. The DOC will assist the coaches during these nights if they struggling. The DOC is there to educate the coaches, not the team.  Under 8 – 11’s are encouraged to do an extra nights training on their own;
  • A MANDATORY Skill Training Course will be held during the year for coaches of Under 9 to 11 teams. This course is also open to any Mudgeeraba coach who wish to attend. We will set dates once we have the years schedule. This course will be paid for by the club;
  • The DOC will have regular coaches nights (The Football Committee). These will be meetings to discuss coaches progress, issues and successes. The DOC will report to the Club Committee the outcome of these meeting. Free feed and drinks for those that attend;

The DOC will coordinate with competition age coaches (Under 12+) to attend a Game Training Coarse during the year.

The Role of the DOC

The DOC will have a variety of roles in 2019

The DOC will:-

  • coordinate trials for Under 12+ and Under 9 to 11 Kangaroos. Trials will be held in the new year. Dates to be published shortly;
  • contact Mini Roo Coaches each week to inform them of the skill training for that week;
  • attend each Mini Roo training night to assist coaches, not train teams;
  • attend Friday/Saturday games (ALL AGE GROUPS) to assess coaches coaching techniques. The DOC will communicate with coaches, after the game, his observations and suggestions, relating to the JDP vision, if necessary;
  • form a Football Committee. Regular meetings will be held with coaches and managers to discuss football related matters. Minutes of the meeting will be presented to the Club Committee for review;

The DOC role may be expanded in coming years. This will be part of the discussions of the Football Committee.

Parents Code of Conduct

Players make mistakes, referees make mistakes, parents make mistakes.
What is the highlight of your child’s game day?
Was it that they won or lost the game?
Was it that they played with their mates, had some fun, got a slushy, went home content because they did their best and that was reinforced by you?

As outlined in the JDP, to assist in player development, parents are required to follow the following rules;

  • Don’t yell out instructions, do encourage;
  • Don’t yell at your child in public;
  • Don’t yell at your coach;
  • Don’t put your child’s teammates down;
  • Don’t put down other teams;
  • Don’t put down officials;
  • Don’t lose your cool;
  • Encourage your child’s positive performance after the game;
  • Don’t forget how to laugh and have fun;
  • Don’t forget that it is only a game. Your child will try their best and have fun with their teammates;

To assist parents we will continue with having our ground officials. These officials are volunteers and they are helping your child have fun at their game. We all get excited at games sometimes, but if a ground official makes a request of you, please follow them. This goes for home and away games.

If you refuse the ground officials request they have the power to stop a game until the situation has been resolved. This can be embarrassing to everyone involved.

Please avoid any unnecessary hassles and follow the rules above.

CLICK HERE to read our Junior Development Plan, ‘The Mudgee Way’