Managers Meeting

Competition Aged (Under 12+) Managers meeting is next Tuesdays, 12th March at 6.30pm at the Main Clubhouse.

We recommend every competition aged team have a team Manager.

Managers will be collecting the team strips, learning about the team sheet system and receive more information about the Grading Rounds starting the 23rd March. So it is important to have a representative from each team present if your Manager can not make it.

What do I Need to do Next?

  1. Register as a Volunteer by CLICKING HERE. PLEASE NOTE – When on the ‘Product Select’ screen, do not fill in the ‘Roll’, ‘Football Type’ or ‘Playing Level’, just scroll down to the page till you reach the Volunteer option and click ‘Select’. On the ‘Product Details’ screen, ‘Sub Role’ select ‘OTHER’.
  2. Make sure to upload a photo when you register. This is for your Manager’s lanyard which will be available early in the season. NO LANYARD, NO BENCH.
  3. Bring your Blue Card to the meeting. If you do not have a Blue Card CLICK HERE to download a prefilled form. You will need to bring your Medicare Card and License so we can take a copy. Please do not staple the Blue Card form. It needs to be scanned.

See you then…