Goal Lock-up Locations

By now everyone should be aware of the lock up location of the goals.

As stated at the Coaches and Managers meeting –

  • First team to play, takes the goals out
  • Last team to play, puts the goals away
  • If you use the goals at training, do not assume another team will use them. Put them away

Each of the location in the attached image has a chain and padlock to lock the goals. Please ensure you lock the goals when your set of goals are the last to put away.

There are 4 Big Goals on the northern end of Field 3. Two goals lock together in the middle. The other Big goals lock up with Field 5 and 6 goals, one on the western and eastern end.

The Council mower has informed us he will no longer move the goals when he mows. If you want to have all the fields mowed and no tufts of long grass, you will need to assist us in returning goals and locking them up.

If the padlock is locked, give Paul a call 0413 995909