EGM Nominees

The following people have nominated for positions on the committee

  • President – Paul Cameselle
  • President – Mark Boelen
  • Vice President – Brett Sparkes
  • Vice President – Dean Cooper
  • Treasurer – De Miller
  • Treasurer – Nick Jeffrey
  • Secretary – Jacqueline Buxton
  • Junior Chairperson – Matt Young
  • Senior Chairperson – Grant Painter
  • Women’s Chairperson – Jodie Paine

The EGM is being held on Thursday, 8th August at 6.30pm.

Members who are eligible to vote are:-

  • A parent of an under age parent ( 1 vote per player)
  • Any registered Non Playing Member (Coach, Manager, Volunteer)
  • A registered member of the club (Player over the age of 18)
  • Life Member

If you are unable to attend you are able to vote by proxy. You can have another member present your proxy or address it the the Chairperson. CLICK HERE for the proxy vote form.