Mini Roo Compulsory Training Nights

As part of the implementation of ‘ The Mudgee Way‘, all Mini Roo Teams (Under 6 to Under 11) will have to attend a MANDATORY training night.

Our Director of Coaching, Aldo,  will contact your coach before training to inform them what skill will be required to be taught during training. All coaches will have sessions plans given to them to work through during the season. Aldo will be at the training sessions to assist coaches.

The training nights are:

  • Under 6, 7 & 8 – Wednesday Nights
  • Under 9, 10 & 11 – Monday Nights

We encourage all teams from Under 8’s to 11’s to have an extra nights training.

2019 Registrations are now OPEN

Registrations are now OPEN for 2019 season.

Please read this entire post before registering.

Even if you had registered last year, you will need to re-register again for the 2019 season.

For details on how to register head to…/new-play-football-part…/

For any problems registering there’s some helpful tips at

When registering, please be aware of the follow:

  • This registration information is NOT for NPL Girls
  • If previous years are anything to go by, the servers are generally full during the day because players across Australia are registering. The best times to register are early and late in the day.
  • You are now able to link all your children under the one account.
  • Be sure to check that you have selected Mudgeeraba Soccer Club Inc. as your club, NOT Mudgeeraba Soccer Club Inc. – NPL
  • On the ‘Product Select ‘ screen,  Role is Player, Football Type is Club Football & Playing Level is Community.
  • ALL players will need to have a new photo uploaded.
  • We would prefer that payments are made at the club. You will still need to come to the club on Sign On days to collect your uniform. Please select ‘Submit and Pay Later’ option.
  • If you run into troubles, use the support page (link above) for help.

CLICK HERE for direct access to the registration site.

Welcome to Mudgeeraba Soccer Club



New Director of Coaching

We would like to welcome onboard our new Director of Coaching, Aldo Gonzaga. Aldo will continue  the fantastic work that Fraser Cuba began last year.

Aldo has embraced our new Junior Development Plan, ‘The Mudgee Way’ , and is eager to begin working with coaches in developing their football education.

Aldo has played futsal in Brazil from age 6 to 16 where his team won 2 regional and state championships. He played professional football in Under 17’s for Figueirense Football Club, in the Brazil national first division and Under 20’s he played third division nationals for Tubarão Football Club.  Under a full schoolarship, Aldo play in the USA for Darton State College and back home to Brazil where he played professional senior football for Avai Football 7 in the Brazilian national first division.

He has coached as a senior coach for Avai Football 7. He has worked as a coach for several local clubs and runs his own private skill sessions for ages 4 to seniors. He is also preparing to study for his Youth C License.

Aldo will be available the Friday, 14th December, at our Coaches & Managers Christmas BBQ.  If you wish to contact Aldo, email him at

Welcome to Mudgeeraba Soccer Club, Aldo.

2019 Registration Fees

Below are the fees for the 2019 season.

If you do not finalise your payment by this time you risk losing your spot in a team.

Registrations OPEN 3rd January, 2019. Once we have more details about the new registration process, we will publish a post on our website and Facebook.

Mini Roos
Under 6 – $250
Under 7 – $350
Under 8 & 9 – $460
Under 10 & 11 – $470
( Include playing strip, shorts, socks, team photo & end of year trophy/medallion)

Competition Age
Under 12 – $470
Under 13,14,15 – $480
Under 16 & 18 – $490
Seniors – $500
(Includes club polo, shorts, socks, team photo & end of year trophy/medallion)

All fees also include:

  • FFA, Football Queensland & Football Gold Coast levies
  • Coaches Training Kits (balls, cones, bibs etc)
  • Referee costs (except Under 6 & 7)
  • Club expenses (lights, rates, line marking, field maintenance, etc)
  • Coaching expenses ( coaching courses, coaches manuals, DOC expenses)

If you believe you’ll have problems paying fees, please contact De Miller ( ) promptly to organise a payment plan.

2019 Calendar Events Explained

Important Information

Registrations OPEN 3rd January, 2019
FFA are implementing a new system for registrations for 2019. Once we have confirmed details we will post instructions on how to register to play.

Trial Dates
Times for the trails will be posted closer to the dates.
If you are unable to make trials, please email the Director of Coaching,, with details about the player ( name, age, last team played).
Players trialing for JPL/Div1 must be registered to play by Monday 4th, February. If you haven’t registered you position will be given to another player.
All players trialing for the other divisions (General Trials) must be registered to play by Monday 4th February. If you have not registered you will be unable to trial.

Sign On Days
These are the days you come to pay for registration and collect your uniform.
Please ensure you have registered (details to be posted at a later date) and have printed out your invoice before you come to pay. This will save a huge amount of time.
If you do not have a printer, we will be able to print an invoice at the club for you.
If you cannot register, we will be able to assist

Team Allocations
These are the days we place the Mini Roo Players ( Under 6 to Under 11) into teams.
All players must be registered and paid before attending. If you are not, you will not be placed in a team.
Players already selected in Kangaroos will not need to attend. We suggest a representative from the team does attend.
If you have a team already organised, please email De at with the team and player details.
If you are new and have friends playing at the club we will endeavor to place you in those teams. If not we will place you in team.
Everyone registered and paid is guaranteed placement into a team. Late registration will be placed on a waiting list.
All teams have volunteer coaches. These are parents from within the teams. The club does not supply coaches. If your team does not have a coach, someone from the team will need to take the role. The club will be supplying assistance to coaches. Please refer to the following post – ‘The Mudgee Way’…. Implementation
We suggest that everyone attends as we will be giving out important information.

Mini Roo Intraclub Carnival and Practice Matches
Fixture for these events will be posted closer to the dates.
The carnival will run till 12/1pm
The practice matches will run like a standard competition Saturday. These matches help the club ensure teams are playing in the correct level.

We will post the registration fee structure shortly.

Committee Nominees

The following people have be nominated for the committee unopposed:

President – John White
Vice President – Dean Cooper
Secretary – Paul Cameselle
Treasurer – De Miller
Junior Chairperson – Greg Wright
Women’s Chairperson – Jodie Paine
Senior Chairperson – Jacquie Buxton

The AGM is being held Thursday, 15th November, 2018 at 6.30pm at the Main Clubhouse.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

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