2017 Sign On Information

MyFootballClub registrations DO NOT open until 9th January 2017

Everyone is encouraged to completely read this post.

Quick Guide

  • Register Online at MyFootballClub(Select option ‘Pay at Club’)
  • Come to the club on the ‘Sign On Days’ to pay and collect uniform
  • Watch the website for trials and team allocation days

Fees for 2017

Under 6-7 = $400
Under 8-9 = $410
Under 10-11 = $420
Under 12- 13-14 = $430
Under 15-16-18 = $440
Seniors =$450

What do my Fees Include?

  • Mini Roos – Playing shirt, shorts & socks
  • Competition Aged – Club Polo ( short and socks on special during sign on)
  • Minimum 20 weeks of games ( averages out to $21 a game)
  • Team training kit (Coaches equipment)
  • Photo package and end of year award

Sign-On Days

Saturday, 21st January , 2017, 9am to 3pm
Sunday, 22nd January, 2017, 9am to 12pm
Monday, 23rd January, 2017, 5pm to 8pm
Tuesday, 24th January, 2017, 5pm to 8pm
Wednesday, 25th January, 5pm to 8pm

What happens on Sign-On day?

  • Pay your registration and collect any relevant information
  • Size up and collect your uniform

This is the perfect time to ask any of  the committee any questions you may have for the coming season.

How to Register On MyFootballClub

Registration will be open 9th January.

MyFootballClub tends to be inundated with players registering and can run slow. For best results, register in the early morning or in the evening.

  • Click Here
  • Follow the link that best suits you.
  • IMPORTANT:- If you create a new FFA Account, you will still need to log into your FFA account to register with Mudgeeraba Soccer Club. You will be emailed an FFA Number and password
  • When clicking ‘ ..proceed to Login Pages’ you will be prompted to log in with your FFA Number and password. (If you have forgotten your password, try your FFA number as a password before requesting a new password)
  • Once you have logged in click the register button on the center of the screen.
  • Please insure you have a current photo is uploaded.
  • Please check all your details are correct before proceeding to the next page( insure you have selected a favorite team or you will be unable to proceed)
  • Click next at the bottom of the page
  • In Step 1 type Mudgeeraba Soccer Club Inc.
  • Step 2 Select Player
  • Step 3 Select the registration package for your age group (Your age is the age you turn in 2017)
  • Step 4, click ‘Add Package'( If the  pop up ‘ Playing History’ appears and you are unsure what to select, please contact Paul on 0413995909)
  • Your Selection will appear, then click next.
  • After reading the Terms & Conditions ,scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Acknowledge all’ then click next.
  • SELECT THE OPTION ‘MANUAL PAYMENT AT CLUB’. ( You will have to come down on sign on day to collect your uniform)
  • Click Next and you are done. An email with your Invoice will be sent to you. Please print it out and bring it with you on Sign On day.

Trials And Team Allocations

Competition Aged Trials

Mini Roo’s Trials, Allocation and Related Information


Be sure to check this website or our Facebook page for updates.

If you require further information contact

De Miller registrar@mudgeerabasoccer.com
0412 305 611

Paul Cameselle secretary@mudgeerabasoccer.com
0413 995 909


Mini Roo’s Trials, Allocation and Related Information

Under 9, 10, 11 Trials

In a effort to group players in like for like teams, in 2017 we will be having trials for the Under 9, 10 &11 Kangaroo teams.  This is a voluntary trial, so players that wish to stay with their team are more than welcome.

All players must be registered and have been to sign on.

The Kangaroo’s gives players a better opportunity to play others with similar skills. This will help develop their football. Everyone develops differently at football, so if your child does not make the team it may mean they need another year to develop.

Players will be notified via email of the outcome of trials by 12th February.

Those that do not make the teams will be required to attend team allocations.

Team Allocations

All players must be registered and have been to sign on.

Players are required to attend team allocations to insure they are placed in a team. For new players, this is where you will be placed in a team. There is no grading at team allocations.

Coaches of the teams will be handed a copy of their players information at the coaches meeting

Pre-Season Games and Season Commencement

Please be aware by late February to early March we will be having pre-season  intraclub carnivals and games. Once we have confirmation of the beginning of the normal season, the dates for these events will be announced.




Competition Aged Trials


We are inviting all existing members and new members to trial for the 2017 season at Mudgeeraba Soccer Club.

We have identified that not all children play soccer for same reasons, some aspire to play at the highest level possible with the goal of someday maybe playing professionally, other children just play for the enjoyment and all the social aspects that come with playing in a team sport.

To simplify what sometimes can be a daunting experience and a  very vague process, we have clearly outlined the trial process.

This year we will divide the trial process into two pathways:
JPL Trialist  & General Pathway Trialist

The reason with having split the trial process into two pathways is to firstly, relieve the pressure and discomfort from the children who don’t want to play in the JPL. Secondly, by splitting them into two groups and reducing the number of children trialing in each pathway. By reducing the numbers in each pathway will speed up and improve the trialing process by giving the selection committee more time to focus on each child to make an informed decision.

JPL Trialist Pathway
If you wish to play in JPL or Division 1, then please follow the steps:

Step 1 – Nomination:
Please nominate intent for JPL Trial online.
(This is not the MyFootballClub registration)

Player's Details

Players Name (required)Please leave this field empty.

Date of Birth (required)

Trial Information

Age Group (required)

Preferred Playing Position

Previous Club

Contact Information

Phone Number (required)

Email (required)

Step 2 – Welcome & Confirmation:
Check to your email account for welcome and confirmation email (check spam folder). It is important that you have entered the correct email as this is how you will receive notification on your child’s progress.

Step 3 – JPL Trials Phase A:
Turn up to trials (please arrive at least 15 minutes before your allocated time slot).

jpltrials17-aStep 4 – Notification Email:
A notification email will be sent out on Sunday 22nd by 5:00 pm. A selection of players will be invited to attended a second week (JPL Trials Phase B) all other players will be invited to continue trialing the following week in the General Trails Pathway. If you didn’t receive an email, please contact Jared Adamson at coaching@mudgeerabasoccer.com

Step 5 – JPL Phase B:
Players who received an invitation are required to attend the additional week of trials.


Step 6 – Invitation Email:
An invitation will be sent out to the Top 18 players & for the remaining players to attend the General Trials. These Top 18 players will not be required for the following two weeks as the General Trials are taking place. After the completion of the General Trials, all final Team allocation will be announced.

Explanation and reasoning behind the Top 18

The reason behind the Top 18 is to allow for any new families moving interstate or any mistakes made by the selection committee. If there were a selection of 15 players it would make it very hard to change it by singling out a single child Vise-a-Versa if only 13 players were selected allowing for any players attending the General Trials Pathway the one or two players then would be singled out (perceived as weakest in the squad). At the completion of the all the trials, the Top 18 players will be split into the JPL and Division 1 team.

General Pathway Trials

Players wishing to trial for the General Pathway will need to attend trials on the following dates.

To be able to trial you will be required to be registered to play for Mudgeeraba Soccer Club at MyFootballClub.

Girls age groups may differ, depending on Football Gold Coast requirements.



For enquiries regarding trials contact Jared Adamson at coaching@mudgeerabasoccer.com



Coaches and Manager Christmas BBQ

The Coaches and Managers Christmas BBQ will be held on Friday, 9th December from 5.30pm.

Drinks and Food will be supplied.

Please Note: For those Coaches and Managers who do not have a Blue Card and are coaching next year, can you please bring your Medicare Card and License, so we can submit the paperwork early. Gold Coast Football have made it mandatory for ALL people dealing with children to have a Blue Card.

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

21/1/17 - Field 1 CLOSED. Field 2,3 & 4 OPEN