Coaches/Managers Lanyards

In order for lanyard roll out to be completed, Football Gold Coast require coaches and managers to upload their photos to MyFGC.

Below are direction on how to upload your photo:-

Please follow the step by step guide below to ensure every player has a visible photograph in the MyFGC portal and in turn the online team sheets.
Should you have any queries please email
You are reminded that CMC Rule 4.3.2, in relation to the checking of ID’s, is still relevant to all competition games.
From the Club Admin or Coaches perspective:
**Coaches will only see this option if there is no original photo. Only Club Administrators can change photos

Either access the Missing Player Photos report as a Club Admin and pressing Edit

Or from any of the team links, click on the View/Edit player:

Or even on the player name in the teamsheet selection page:

That will take you to the page to upload the photo:

Select the file and press Upload



Managers- Finalising Teamsheets

We have noticed that managers/coaches are not approving their teamsheets after their games.

At least 24hrs after a game has been played, we require managers check the teamsheet has gone ‘final’. Once it is final click ‘teamsheet’ and check-

  • Score
  • Scorers
  • Yellow/Red Cards issued to correct players

If everything is correct click the green ‘Approve and Accept’

If something is incorrect click the red ‘Lodge Protest’ and complete the options.

Checking results early will ensure any errors are correct promptly.

Changes to Junior Competition

The following junior competitions have been restructured as at 12th May 2017.

U12 Div 1
U12 Div 2 (Split U12 Div 2)
U12 Div 3 (Split from U12 Div 2)
U12 Div 4 (Was the old U12 Div 3)

( U13 competition will have fixture changes the following weekend )

U14 Div 1
U14 Div 2

U15 Div 1
U15 Div 2
U15 Div 3

Please check the draw as fixtures for this weekend might have changed.
Please ensure you check your draw over the coming weeks as there still may be changes.
Further catch up matches will also need to be scheduled for moving teams.
No junior games are scheduled on 14th May (Mother’s Day), but instead have been moved to a Monday 15th May 2017.

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

19/6/17 - All Fields are OPEN