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Open Hours

Tuesday after 5pm
Thursday after 5pm
Saturday mornings ( Saturday mornings find Grant the club Official )
Alternatively you can email Sam at info@mudgeerabasoccer.com for any enquiries.

Jackets and Hoodies:

First Order of the season is being placed next Thursday night 30th March, ETA will be 10-14 days.

How to Order Jackets and Hoodies

  • Visit us at the club Tuesday’s or Thursday’s
  • Pick a size
  • Order & pay
  • Wait for order to arrive.

Orders will be placed on the last Thursday of every month during the season.

Are you waiting on:

  • Miniroos playing shirts – have arrived.
  • Competition age Polo size 12/14 – have not yet arrived.
  • Medium size socks – have not yet arrived.
  • Small men’s shorts – some stock in, waiting for more.

Wet Weather Procedures

We appreciate everyone wanting to know if fields will be open for training or games but when we receive an overwhelming amount of SMS’s and Facebook questions about the subject, answering them is time consuming.

Listed are the procedures for wet weather decisions made by the club.

  • A post regarding our field status will be made by the club by 3pm (please allow a few minutes after as sometime I have to collect my kids from school). The council website is not the only way we decide how to use our fields. There are other factors we consider, one including the longevity of our fields.
  • We always strive to have our fields open for game days. Game day decisions can be made within 30min of games being played. We do endeavour to make the decisions  well in advance. Game days take precedence over training nights.
  • If there is no post about the field status, then the previous post regarding the fields is still valid.
  • We will not be notifying teams if away games have been cancelled.  As you can understand, with over 50 teams in the club playing all over the place, it can be time consuming to find out what all the other clubs are doing, especially when they make decisions at different times.  It is the responsibility of the coach/manager to investigate other club closures. Check their Facebook pages and websites for closure details.

Now that you are better informed, please do not take it personally if we do not reply to your requests about the field status.

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

23/3/17 - All Fields CLOSED.