Registration for 2016

  • A Brief Outline for Joining Mudgeeraba Soccer Club
  • How to Register at My Football Club
  • Fees
  • Sign On Days
  • Competition Aged Trials
  • Interested in Coaching?
  • Contacts
    1. Register at My Football Club. (‘Manual Pay at Club’ option)
    2. Register to trial for Under 12 + players( link to be add on the Mudgeeraba Soccer Club website)
    3. Come down to Sign On day (See below for dates)
    4. Team allocations dates (Under 6 to Under 11) to be posted shortly.
    5. Registrations for Mudgeeraba Soccer Club will close on Monday 8th February  2016 at 5pm. Be sure to register before then so you don’t miss out.



In order to play soccer at Mudgeeraba Soccer Club you must be registered to play on My Football Club. We are unable to re-register players from previous years.

Follow the link below to register your player:

  1.  Click Here
  2. Follow one of the links on the page that best suits your requirements.
  3.  Once you have your FFA number and password Click Here, if you have not been re-directed to this page.
  4. Enter your FFA Number and Password and click Login
  5. Click the ‘Register’ button next to the players details
  6. Check you details are correct on this page. This information is important for us to be able to contact you.
  7. Be sure to fill out the ‘Please indicate your favorite team’ question. You will not be able to proceed if it is not fill in.
  8. Once all your details are correct click the ‘next’ button.
  9. On this page –
    Step 1 – Type in Mudgeeraba Soccer Club Inc.
    Step 2 – Select the Player option
    Step 3 –  Select the age package suited to your player. The age group they are playing is the age they turn in 2016 eg. If the player turns/ turned 7 in 2016 they are in Under 7’s
    Step 4 – Click the ‘Add Package’ button
  10. A playing history window will open up. If you have not played in another country please select no and confirm. If you have played in another country please contact Paul Cameselle on 0413995909 before you proceed.
  11. Click the ‘Next’ button
  12.  Read the terms and conditions, tick the box to acknowledge, and click the ‘Next’ button.
  13. Click ‘ Manual Payment at Club’ option. You will have to come to the club on sign on day to collect your playing gear and pay.
  14. You will be emailed a copy of your Invoice. Please print it out and bring it to the club on sign on day.
  15.  Your Registration is complete.


(Your age group is the age you turn in 2016)

Under 6- 7 = $350
Under 8-9 = $360
Under 10-11 =$370
Under 12-14 = $380
Under 15+ = $390

What do I get for my Fees?

  • Mini Roo players ( Under 6 to Under 11) receive playing shirt, socks and shorts.
    Competition Age players (Under 12 +) receive a polo shirt to wear to games (shorts and socks have to be purchase)
  • Minimum of 20 weeks of games( that’s an average cost of $18 a week)
  • Team photo
  • Trophy


Come down on the sign on days to pay your fees and collect your uniform. Team allocations is not done on these days.

You can come down on any of these dates, however it will be better for new members to come on the dates we have indicated to allow us to better answer any questions you may have.

Existing Members Sign On

Saturday,16th January 2016 – 9am to 2pm

Sunday, 17th January 2016 – 9am to 12pm

New Members Sign On

Saturday, 30th January 2016 – 9am to 2pm

Sunday, 31st January 2016 – 9am to 12pm.


Trial dates will begin from Monday 18th January 2016. The process for selection will be posted shortly.


If you are keen on giving coaching a go or if you are a returning coach, please register you interest with our  Director of Coaching Jared Adamson at

Leave your name, contact details, age group you wish to coach and any experience you have.



Registrar: De Miller 0412 305 611

President: John White 0497 774 447

Secretary: Paul Cameselle 0413 995 909





Committee Members Nominations

Congratulations to the following people who have been unopposed in their nomination as committee members:

President – John White
Vice President – Kim Woodcock
Secretary – Paul Cameselle
Treasurer – De Miller
Junior Chairperson – Greg Wright
Senior Men’s Chairperson – Jodie Dickens
Women’s Chairperson – Alicia Walker

The AGM will still be held on Tuesday, 17th November at 7pm. An agenda for that meeting will be posted shortly.

Annual General Meeting

This years Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday, 17th November 2015 at 7pm at the Main Clubhouse.

All committee positions will be open for nomination by financial members:
Vice President
Chairperson for the Junior Sub-committee
Chairperson for the Senior Sub-committee
Chairperson for the Women’s Sub-committee

Nominations for these positions must be received by the Secretary ( Paul Cameselle) by 5pm, Friday, 30th October. Nominations can be posted to PO Box 1068, Mudgeeraba,4213.

Nomination forms can be found here.

Once nominations are received, a list will be posted of the candidates, at which time a proxy vote form will be available for download.


Grand Finalists

Congratulations to the following teams form make the grand finals. This year the junior finals will be played at Musgrave Soccer Club on Saturday, 12th September. The time and fields are provided here for your convenience. Come down and support club.

12 Girls – 8.45am Field 3
15 JPL – 1.10pm Field 1
15 Div 1- 1.10pm Field 2
16 Girls – 4.45pm Field 3

Entry fee to Musgrave is –
$5 for Adults
$2 Concession
Free for Children Under 18/Coaches/Players
Entry fee includes a program, parking and pass out.

Congratulations on your endeavours during the year

Hi Youth coaches, managers, parents and players.
Congratulations on your endeavours during the year, regardless of where your team finished on the ladder. The fact that you have donated a large component of your time to help develop young football players on the Gold Coast and in particular Mudgeeraba soccer club is much appreciated by our sport and community.
There are many trials and tribulations in coaching a young team – whether it is boys or girls , in most cases you signed up to be a coach and you became a pseudo parent to a further 10-14 kids for 20-plus weeks , as well as having to manage other parents and friends who in some cases believed they could have done a much better job!
I am sure you have completed a job to the best of your abilities – thank you – well done, for some however the season has the last phase: “the finals”. This is a time where we see some remarkable behavioural changes – winning becomes the only result acceptable, the build up to a winning a final is the be all end all! This is not the case across the board but it becomes very prominent in many cases.
The coaches and crowd start to put pressure on the referee, often a young referee and this pressure also flows through to the players, who are good copycats of coaches .
Let’s be honest. Yes referees will make mistakes, they are human and they are required to make decisions in a stadium where 22 players plus coaches and the team supporters may or may not agree with the verdict. Just like coaches and the players will make mistakes, so do referees. It is part of the game.
As coaches you are the primary role model for everyone involved. I am going to ask you if you have a team participating in finals to lead by example, if you as the coach question or argue with the referee in a negative manner it will lead to the supporters and players doing the same.
As a coach you could address your supporters prior – by all means encourage and reward good play – but let’s set an example. Don’t get involved in the heat of the game by abusing referees or even more so the club volunteer lines person. Enjoy the game and reward the participants from both teams as well as the officials for their efforts.
All the best to all players , coaches and officials participating in finals! Let’s make our club the roll model for all other clubs on the Gold Coast!!
Once again thank you to all coaches and managers, good luck and

Love your football,
Jamie Rogers
Vice President
Director of coaching
Mudgeeraba Soccer Club

Return of Coaches Kits and Strips

Just a reminder to all Coaches and Managers that we still need you to return you balls and strips. If we can have this gear returned ASAP, as we are preparing an order for equipment for next year and need to know the amount of stock we require.

Please insure that you have signed your gear in.

We will be at the clubhouse on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5.30pm for next few weeks.

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

1/11/15 - All Fields CLOSED