Washed out fixtures rescheduling

All washed out Junior Competition games (including Mini-Roos) from Saturday 25th July have been rescheduled to Sunday the 2nd of August same time and same venue.

All Friday night washed out Junior Competition games from the 24th July have been rescheduled to Tuesday 4th August same time and same venue.

Gold Coast Champions Cup Nominations

Positions in the 2015 Gold Coast Champions Cup are filling fast. If you wish to nominate your team, you had better get in fast. If you do not nominate and pay by the 31st July,  you will not have a space available in your age group.

For details go to http://www.championsyouthcup.com/

Since 1996, from humble beginnings (with 43 teams), to today with annual attendance of more than 125 teams – The Gold Coast Champions Cup has evolved into one of the premier events of its kind – in the world! The Gold Coast Champions Cup is an international youth football tournament where we have had teams from as far as Ireland attend. The Gold Coast Champions Cup is run by Mudgeeraba Soccer Club. If you require further information contact John White at president@mudgeerabasoccer.com or 0497 774 447

Just a Reminder….

As we are aware, this club is run by volunteers. They give up their time week in, week out, all year, even when the season is over. No one is paid, and they do it for the love of the club and the satisfaction of a job well done. These volunteers include your coaches and managers, the people on the committee and those that help around when they can. All their hard work is much appreciated.

In order to make these volunteers life easier, there are a few things that ALL OF US  can help with-

  • First team to games put the goals out. Last team to play puts the goals away. On the junior canteen notice board and out the front of the clubhouse is a schedule of games. Here you will be able to see who is last to play. By now you have seen where the goals go, someone on either side of the road will have a key to unlock/lock the goals
  • Clean the change rooms after yourself. When your team is finished in the change room, give it a clean. Sweep out the grass, pick up the rubbish, so the next team can prepare for their game in a clean room. If the team before has left it a mess, take a note of it and let the club know.
  • If you train with goals, put them away. No one likes to get a call at work when the mower guy wants the goals moved.
  • No Training in the goal mouths. Try training across the field. This will spread the wear and help our fields last longer. Set up your cones to make a goal mouth, practice your corners a different way. I know goalies would love to play on as much turf as they can.
  • Last to train turns of the lights. If no one is left on the field, turn off the lights. At $100 a hour per pole, if they are left on, that adds up at the end of the year. Plus, no one likes to get a phone call late at night that the lights have been left on.
  • Referees are humans too.  Most of the club referee’s are kids.They are learning. Just like the players, they’ll make mistakes and that’s how we learn.
  • Clean up after yourself. Do the right thing, chuck it in the bin.
  • If its broken, fix it. If you see something needs fixing, take the initiative and fix it. The club can reimburse you for costs.

Player Stretching Exercises

As we work our way to half way through the season, some of our younger players may be feel some niggles in their legs and joints. Our club physio, Mike Clair, has be generous enough to put together a stretching program that should be done after every training and game day.
All stretches should be performed  pain free.

Click Here for the stretching program.

Mini-Roos Man of the Match Awards

There are still many Mini-Roo coaches/managers that have not collected their Man of the Match Awards.

We will be at the Main Clubhouse every night till the end of the week.  Please come over and collected your Awards.

Can parents please remind their coaches/managers that the awards are here for collection.

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

29/7/15 - All Fields OPEN