A few reminders before the season starts

As the season is about to kick off, here are a few reminders for all of us.

  • Goals are to be taken out by the first team to play and put away by the last team to play. This responsibility should not be left up to the coach alone. This is to insure the longevity of our nets and fields. There will be a draw attached to the notice board at the canteen on the MiniRoos Fields and outside the clubhouse to show who is playing last.
  • We are here for the development of football for everyone. Be courteous to other teams that might be struggling.
  • Be sure that our players are enjoying themselves. Encouragement is the key.
  • Keep our fields tidy.

And  a little food for thought…..

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

20/4/2015 - ALL FIELDS OPEN- Please, no training in the goal mouths