In the Interest of Safety

As a club the interest of players, officials and spectators safety is of great importance. Due to issues arising on Field 2 throughout the year, one of our plans to help alleviate  problems is by having a permanent ground official on the field. The other was to place a white spectator line away from the sideline.

We are having issues with people respecting the clubs safety initiative. And unfortunately it is coming from our club people. This new plan is for everyone’s safety.

If you are given instructions by a ground official you are expected to follow the instructions to the letter. The club will not accept anyone  showing disrespect towards our ground officials. We do have the right to remove or refuse entry to anyone not adhering to the FFA Spectators Code of Behaviour.

We are only trying to keep everyone safe and help everyone enjoy the game of football being played.

If you find that you are unable to accept the clubs new safety initiative, then perhaps this club is not for you.

Click Here for the FFA Spectator Code of Behaviour.

If you wish to discuss the new safety initiative further, we are at the club on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s after 5pm.




Save the Date – Mini Roo Carnival Presentations

The Mini-Roo presentations will be held on Saturday, 26th August.

Teams will play in a mini carnival and age groups will be presented with their trophies during the carnival. This is a fun day allowing teams to have their end of year celebrations and have a kick with their mates.

A draw for the carnival and presentation will be posted closer to the day.

The Competition Aged presentation date will be posted shortly.

Goals and You

Like a broken record, we keep repeating ourselves –


(We would like to thank those that do put the goals away and obviously this is not directed at you)

As we near the end of the season and the goal mouths start to deteriorate, it is more important now we insure the goals are secure after use.

As a club we do not have an issue with outside people using the fields for training, but these people leave/put the unlocked goals in the goal mouths and shoot goals for hours on end. This then wears out the goal mouths and over time kills the grass.

For us to have ideal conditions for teams to play their semi finals this year we all have to pitch in and insure the goals are away. If you see your team has left the goal out, please remind your coach or gather a few people to help put them away.

A field schedule is always located at the clubhouse or at the Mudgeeraba Tent on Field 3.  Before you go to your game have a look and see if you are the last game. If the padlock is locked please inform a committee member so we can secure the goals.

To also help with the condition of the goal mouths, please do not train inside them. It is clearly visible now where the wear is  on the field, so please restrict your training in these areas. Every little bit helps.

We appreciate your help with this matter.


REMINDER : – Under 9/10 Coaching Sessions

Our Under 14 JPL Coach, Les Campbell, has volunteered to run 3 free coaching sessions for our Under 9’s and 10’s. These session will be held on Field 1 (Main Clubhouse) on:-

  1. Monday 17th July – 4pm to 5pm
  2. Monday 24th July – 4pm to 5pm
  3. Monday 31st July – 4pm to 5pm

These sessions are designed to train young footballers in:-

  • Quality first touch
  • Fast feet work
  • Quick thinking play
  • Quick decision making

They are high intensity sessions with plenty of touches on the ball.

These sessions are for the young footballer who want to get more out of their game.

Field 2- New Spectator Line

Due to the clubs new safety initiative,  an extra line has been marked outside of Field 2. This line is the spectator line. Our hopes are that this line will keep our officials, players and spectators safe.

No spectators are permitted to cross this line whilst a game is being played. Our ground official will be present to assist spectators if needed.

We appreciate everyone’s support in the implementation of this new procedure.


Goalkeeper Training

Brett will be back for goalkeeper training from Monday 10th July.

Goalkeeper’s are strongly urged to take part in this training before the end of the football season.

Under 10/11 – 5pm to 6.15pm
Under 12/13 – 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Under 14/15/16 – 6pm to 7.30pm

Fun, Family and Soccer Finesse

7/7/17 - All Fields are OPEN