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Under 9/10 Coaching Sessions

Our Under 14 JPL Coach, Les Campbell, has volunteered to run 3 free coaching sessions for our Under 9’s and 10’s. These session will be held on Field 1 (Main Clubhouse) on:-

  1. Monday 17th July – 4pm to 5pm
  2. Monday 24th July – 4pm to 5pm
  3. Monday 31st July – 4pm to 5pm

These sessions are designed to train young footballers in:-

  • Quality first touch
  • Fast feet work
  • Quick thinking play
  • Quick decision making

They are high intensity sessions with plenty of touches on the ball.

These sessions are for the young footballer who want to get more out of their game.

Managers- Finalising Teamsheets

We have noticed that managers/coaches are not approving their teamsheets after their games.

At least 24hrs after a game has been played, we require managers check the teamsheet has gone ‘final’. Once it is final click ‘teamsheet’ and check-

  • Score
  • Scorers
  • Yellow/Red Cards issued to correct players

If everything is correct click the green ‘Approve and Accept’

If something is incorrect click the red ‘Lodge Protest’ and complete the options.

Checking results early will ensure any errors are correct promptly.

Fines for Dissent

In an effort to curb player abuse towards referees, from this weekend’s games (28/4/17) ALL Mudgeeraba players who are given a card for dissent (Y2 or R6) will have to pay the associated fine before they will be able to play the next game.

Once the club has received notification of the fine, the player and coach/manager will be informed and the player will be given an invoice for payment. Until the fine is paid the player will be suspended.

Mudgeeraba Soccer Club is supporting Football Gold Coast, Football Queensland and FFA in their Zero Tolerance towards abuse of referees by players and officials.

Goalkeeper Training: A Woefully Under Utilised Club Resource

We would like to reminded all Mudgeeraba Soccer Club coaches and goalkeepers of our free goalkeeper training nights. This valuable training session is essential for all goalkeepers, to help hone their skills and develop better game awareness.

Our goalkeeper coach, Brett, is a qualified coach with years of experience  with junior and senior football.

Please don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Training is held at the Main Clubhouse on the days below:-

Under 10/11 – 5pm to 6.15pm
Under 12/13 – 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Under 14/15/16 – 6pm to 7.30pm


Bridge to Tamborine Mountain Closed

From Tamborine Mountain Soccer Club:-

The John Muntz Causeway is once again causing headaches due to its closure for major repair. I have attached alternative routes to the mountain for the northern M1 / Helensvale traffic who would normally use the Causeway.

Of course the other TM access roads are open, via Mystery Rd, Henri Robert Dr (Nerang), the Goat Track (Canungra) and Geissmann Drive / TM Rd (Tamborine Village).

Via back of Pacific Pines (Maudsland Rd – Birds Rd – Kriedeman Rd – Tamborine-Oxenford Rd)

Via Reserve Rd (Oxenford – Upper Coomera)

Wet Weather Procedures

We appreciate everyone wanting to know if fields will be open for training or games but when we receive an overwhelming amount of SMS’s and Facebook questions about the subject, answering them is time consuming.

Listed are the procedures for wet weather decisions made by the club.

  • A post regarding our field status will be made by the club by 3pm (please allow a few minutes after as sometime I have to collect my kids from school). The council website is not the only way we decide how to use our fields. There are other factors we consider, one including the longevity of our fields.
  • We always strive to have our fields open for game days. Game day decisions can be made within 30min of games being played. We do endeavour to make the decisions  well in advance. Game days take precedence over training nights.
  • If there is no post about the field status, then the previous post regarding the fields is still valid.
  • We will not be notifying teams if away games have been cancelled.  As you can understand, with over 50 teams in the club playing all over the place, it can be time consuming to find out what all the other clubs are doing, especially when they make decisions at different times.  It is the responsibility of the coach/manager to investigate other club closures. Check their Facebook pages and websites for closure details.

Now that you are better informed, please do not take it personally if we do not reply to your requests about the field status.

So Another Season is About to Begin

After a hectic couple of months with grading and team selections and trying to squeeze in training and trail games, it all begins this weekend.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who have committed to giving up their time to coach, manage or help when they can. Without you none of this would be happening. If you require any support, from information or help with coaching, please come see us at the clubhouse and we will do our best to help.

A few things for everyone to remember before we start:

  • First team out sets up the goals, last team to play puts them away, and locks them up. The draw for the Competition Aged teams will be outside the main clubhouse, the draw for the MiniRoos will be at the tent outside the toilet block. There will also be a draw posted on the website, after the seniors draw. Please help us out, as its easier for a few people to put a set of goals away, than one person having to do them all.
  • Change rooms are to be swept when you team is out. Once you have finished using the change room, it is your responsibility to clean out the change room. Nothing worse than coming in to use a dirty room.
  • Ice for Field 1 & 2 can be found in the ice machine in the clubhouse’s main entry way. If you play on Field 2 it is suggested you fill a few bags of ice before your game. Please do not return the bags of ice, just dispose of it responsibly. If you are playing away, you are more than welcome to take a few bags with you to your game. Ice for the junior fields are located at the tent outside the toilet block.
  • Referees will make mistakes. All referee’s are learning too. The club will not tolerate any abuse towards any referee’s, home or away. The club will act swiftly at any reports of referee abuse.
  • At the end of the day, we are here to have fun. We aren’t playing for sheep stations and it’s not the World Cup. Let our players make mistake, encourage them when they try their best. Buy a slushy at the end of the game ‘ because of that brilliant run with the ball from the back’.

Here’s a little something to keep in mind….