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Goal’s And Training

The club has stated on numerous occasions ( at coaches/managers meetings and on the website) that if you us the goals for training and after games that they are to be put back where they are stored and locked up.

Last night the goals were left out after training, again. This will be the last mention of putting goals away. Next night that leaves goals out will not be able to use them for training that following week , the padlocks will be changed for that night’s training.

Do not assume that if you train early another team will use the goals. Have your team put the goals away and the other team can grab them if they decide to use them.

If you are the last team training on any field, check that all the goals are put away and secured. Make a note of who was using the goals that were left out, and next time you see that coach , let them know. If a padlock is locked, place the goals where they belong and send an SMS to Paul ( 0413995909) and he will insure the goals are locked.

If we store the goals after training and game days, we will be able to maintain the high standard of our fields throughout the season, for the benefit of all teams.

Uniform Shop News

Uniform shop is OPEN on Tuesday & Thursday after 5pm all season, Located inside the Main Club House.

Saturday mornings we will have socks & shorts available to purchase at the Club house just find Grant the club official.

Socks $15 – – – – – – – Shorts $25

We are currently taking orders & payments for Club jackets & hoodies. Our first order will be put into Gorilla on the last Thursday of March.

Jackets $55 – – – – – – Hoodies $50

Letters are $2 each if you are after initials or names on Jackets.
(I have some try on sizes in stock)

All merchandise orders will be placed on the last Thursday of every month for the season and take 10-14 days to arrive.

Competition age teams:

In previous seasons teams have placed Jacket orders in for the whole team, if teams are interested in doing this they can make a list of sizes and collect monies from each player and place the order with me as one order.

ALSO this year we are selling Club scarves which are great for keeping warm in winter but awesome for using as a banner at the games.

Scarves are $20

AND we have started a FREECYCLE Football boot rack.

If you have any boots at home that don’t fit anymore we would love it if you could donate them to the rack, in turn there maybe boots that will fit your child that you can take. We have had some great feed back about this initiative and hope it really takes off.

It’s always nice to help others in our Soccer Community!

Cheers Sam:)
Merchandise Officer