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Merchandise Shop


We are now taking orders for:

  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Polos
  • Sports Bags

Orders must be pre-paid, stock order will be sent once a month (start of the month). Orders generally take 2 to 3 weeks.

For more information, email Sam –




Competition Aged Coaches/Managers (Under 12+)

We require all coaches/managers of competition aged teams to ensure their team sheets have photos uploaded and that the existing photos are not dated.

If photos are not uploaded, your team risks the chance of forfeiting their next game. (CMC Rule 4.3.3)

You can take the photo with your phone and upload it straight to the team sheet

To upload photos:

  • Under ‘Coaches’ Tab select ‘My Teams’
  • Under ‘Current  Season’ select your team by using the down facing arrow on the right
  • On the right of the player, Click ‘View/Edit Player’
  • Where their picture should be or old picture is select ‘Browse’
  • Choose the players photo, then click ‘Upload’

If you have issues, Paul will be at the Main Clubhouse from 5.30pm Tuesday and Thursday to help.


Field Closure Procedures

We will update the website/Facebook at around 3pm for field closures for training. We check with Council and visit the grounds and we make a judgement on the field conditions. If there is no post then the fields are open. Please allow a little time after 3pm for updates.

If it has been raining and we have kept the fields open, please be mindful of soft spot on fields and try to avoid these areas.

Field closures for games will be posted by 4pm on Fridays and 7.30am on Saturdays. We only post details about our clubs closures or if Football Gold Coast has made a blanket round postponement. It is your teams responsibility to contact other clubs about their field closures. Usually you can check their Facebook or website.



2018 Sign On Information

Please be advised that the calendar below is subject to change.

MyFootballClub Registrations OPEN – 3rd January, 2018

In order to play football for Mudgeeraba Soccer Club all players must be registered to play on

Please be advised that the best time to register is late at night and early in the morning. As all players across Australia will be registering to play football at their clubs, the servers will be slow and it can take a long time to complete registrations. We recommend you register before coming to the Club for Sign On.

The age group you play for will be the age you turn in 2018, for example, Johnny turns 8 in June, 2018, he will play in Under 8’s. If your child wish’s to play football but only turns 5 in 2018, they will be able to play in Under 6’s but will have to play Under 6’s again in 2019.

Please update your photo when confirming your personal details.

When completing your registration please select ‘Manual Payment at Club’, print out your invoice and come down to Sign On Day to pay and collect your uniform.

For information on how to register Click Here.

2018 Registration Fees – Click Here

Information Night & Come Try Day – 12th & 15th January, 2018

Not sure whats going on? Don’t know if your child will like playing football?

Come down and find out. The committee will be available for you to ask questions. See what we have planned for the year to come. Your child will be able to have a kick of the ball and play with others. Everyone is welcome to attend.

This event will be at the Main Clubhouse on Tallai Drv.

Sign-On Days – 20th to 25th January, 2018

These are the days you come to pay your fees and collect your uniform. You can also come down and ask any questions you may have.

EFTPOS is available.

Sign-on days are held at the main clubhouse on Tallai Rd.

We will have computer available at the club to register if you are unable to register at home. However, we recommend you complete your registrations before coming to the club as registrations at the club will be slow due to the load on the MyFootballClub servers.

We will be able to print your invoices at the club if you are unable to print them at home.

Get Started Vouchers Available from 24th January, 2018

What is the ‘Get Started Voucher’? – Click Here

Apply for your voucher – Click Here

If you are waiting for approval for your voucher and wont have it by the end of sign-on, you will be still be able to register. If you are registered, we will still be able to place you in a team. You will receive you uniform once your fees are paid.

Once you have your voucher you will be able to complete the sign on process. We will announce other dates for sign on.

Team Allocations from 29th January, 2018

These are the days we place the Mini-Roo players into teams.

This is not a trial or grading session. We make teams from previous years, friends that wish to play together or new players. If coaches still have a team from last year, please forward you list to De – We will only accept players that have registered on MyFootballClub.

If you are interested in coaching, please put your name forward on the day. All our coaches are volunteers, usually Dad’s and Mum’s. The club does provide coaching courses for the inexperienced coach. We will also be having our Director of Coaching available on training nights to assist coaches. Each team will require a coach before we can complete Team Allocations. If we have no volunteers for coaching a team, then we will require a team contact, who we will need to coordinate the team whilst a coach is organised between the teams parents.

Those players selected for Kangaroo’s will not need to attend.

We will have dates up for extra trials for players who were unable to attend in 2017, this includes Competition Age players(Under 12+).

Coaches Meeting – 5th January, 2018

This will be split into 2 time slots, Mini-Roos and Competition Age.

Before attending the meeting all coaches need:-

  • To be registered as a coach on MyFootballClub (If there is a cost associated with coaching, this is covered by the club, just click Manual Payment at Club). How to Register – Click Here
  • A copy of your Working with Children Blue Card. If you don’t have a Blue Card, you can pre-fill  a form (below) or we will have applications at the club. All teacher and police officers are required to fill out an exemption form(below).

Pre-fill application form (FILL PAGE 2 ONLY) – Click Here.
Please bring your Medicare Card and License

Pre-fill Exemption Form (FILL PAGE 2 ONLY) – Click Here. Please bring your Medicare Card and License

  • Information on any coaching qualifications.

We will be providing coaches with information about the year, training plans and finally their training kit.

Please Note :- So far fields will be shut until the first week of February. This has been directed from Council. If you are planing on training earlier, you will need to make alternate arrangements. If anything changes we will notify coaches.

Managers Meeting – 7th February, 2018

This meeting if for Manager of the Competition Aged Teams (Under 12 +). We will be discussing team sheet’s and other managerial duties. Managers will receive the teams playing strips.

Before attending the meeting all managers need:-

  • To be registered as a volunteer on MyFootballClub. How to Register – Click Here
  • A copy of your Working with Children Blue Card. If you don’t have a Blue Card, you can pre-fill  a form (below) or we will have applications at the club. All teacher and police officers are required to fill out an exemption form(below).

Pre-fill application form (FILL PAGE 2 ONLY) – Click Here.
Please bring your Medicare Card and License

Pre-fill Exemption Form (FILL PAGE 2 ONLY) – Click Here. Please bring your Medicare Card and License.

Competition Starts – 16th  & 17th February, 2018

Friday, 16th February – Under 16’s & 18’s begin their season.
Saturday, 17th February – Under 6’s to 15’s begin their season.

We have been advised that the first 6 rounds of the season are grading rounds (Lightning Premiership). Competition Aged Teams (Under 12 +) will be graded after the 6 rounds to see if they are best suited for their divisions. This does not count for the general season, no points are carried over. The proper season will begin and hopefully every team is in the right divisions.

Once the draw is out, you may notice that the draw has a lot more home games at the start of the season and none in August. We have requested that no home games are played in August to allow the fields time to recover before the Gold Coast Champions Cup is held at the end of September.

Changes and Additions.

There may be changes to dates and times of the above calendar.

If we are forced to make change, we will post the change on the website and change the calendar.

If you have any questions, please email Paul

To stay informed, please like us on Facebook or check the website regularly.





2018 Registration Fees

Registrations OPEN 3rd January, 2018.

Under 6 -7 = $450
Under 8-9 = $460
Under 10 -12 = $470
Under 13 – 15 = $480
Under 16 -18 = $490
Seniors (18+) = $500

What do I get for joining?

Mini Roo’s (Under 6 to 11) – Playing shirt, shorts, socks, team photo, trophy/ medallion, training equipment (for Coach), minimum 20 games, skill sessions.

Competition Aged (Under 12 to Seniors) – Polo shirt, playing shorts, socks, team photo, trophy/ medallion, training equipment (for Coach), minimum 20 game.

On average that’s $23.75 a week.

What do my fees cover?

Roughly $110 goes to FFA, Football Queensland and Football Gold Coast to cover costs including insurance and game administration.
The remainder covers the clubs expenses :-

  • Referees
  • Electricity (Field lighting, clubhouse)
  • Uniforms
  • Trophies and photo’s
  • Training equipment (Balls, bibs,cones, etc)
  • Line marking
  • Goals (Repairs & replacement)
  • Ground officials
  • Coaching (Education, training sessions, etc)
  • GCCC rates ( leases, ground usage, etc)
  • General club running costs ( rubbish, toilets, office equipment, etc)
  • Club maintenance

Your fees cover you for the year, with no hidden costs.

More information about how to register will be posted shorty. We will also email the information. If you did not receive the last email about trials, please email Paul to add you to the mailing list




2018 Trial Dates

Due to the Commonwealth Games next year and associated field closures, Football Gold Coast has decided to start the 2018 junior competition from 16/17th February.

Because of this time frame we are forced to start trails early. The committee has decided to start trails before December to avoid people missing out during the Christmas Holiday period.

The trials will be held at the Mudgeeraba Showgrounds (enter via Mudgeeraba Rd).

The trails have been split into two groups, JPL/Div1 Trials and General Trials. ( Under 9’s to 11’s will only have the JPL trials, everyone is encourage to try out, but those who do not wish to trial will need to come down to team allocation nights, to be announced at a later date)

Whats the difference between both types of trials?

JPL/DIV 1 TRIALS – These trails are for players with a higher football skill. These players must be committed to training, game days and extra competitions, eg carnivals. Everyone is welcome to trail.

GENERAL TRIALS – These trials are for players still developing their football skills. These trials are for the lower division teams.

What happens if I can not make the trials?

We are aiming to leave spaces in teams for players to be able trial in the new year. We are aware that players are doing other sports and may find it difficult to make trails. Email Fraser Cuba – with your name, player name, contact details and team you played in last so he can make a note of your absence.

Do I need to register?

Player registrations on MyFootballClub open 3rd January, 2018. Players will be able to register on/after this date. We will copy the list of current members from this year and will make it our check list. New members are welcome to trial and your details will be collected before the trails.

Details on how to register on MyFootballClub will be posted at a later date.

Please turn up earlier than your start time to have your name marked off the list.

If you have any questions, please email Paul Cameselle –



Fines for Dissent

In an effort to curb player abuse towards referees, from this weekend’s games (28/4/17) ALL Mudgeeraba players who are given a card for dissent (Y2 or R6) will have to pay the associated fine before they will be able to play the next game.

Once the club has received notification of the fine, the player and coach/manager will be informed and the player will be given an invoice for payment. Until the fine is paid the player will be suspended.

Mudgeeraba Soccer Club is supporting Football Gold Coast, Football Queensland and FFA in their Zero Tolerance towards abuse of referees by players and officials.