2019 Calendar Events Explained

Important Information

Registrations OPEN 3rd January, 2019
FFA are implementing a new system for registrations for 2019. Once we have confirmed details we will post instructions on how to register to play.

Trial Dates
Times for the trails will be posted closer to the dates.
If you are unable to make trials, please email the Director of Coaching, coaching@mudgeerabasoccer.com, with details about the player ( name, age, last team played).
Players trialing for JPL/Div1 must be registered to play by Monday 4th, February. If you haven’t registered you position will be given to another player.
All players trialing for the other divisions (General Trials) must be registered to play by Monday 4th February. If you have not registered you will be unable to trial.

Sign On Days
These are the days you come to pay for registration and collect your uniform.
Please ensure you have registered (details to be posted at a later date) and have printed out your invoice before you come to pay. This will save a huge amount of time.
If you do not have a printer, we will be able to print an invoice at the club for you.
If you cannot register, we will be able to assist

Team Allocations
These are the days we place the Mini Roo Players ( Under 6 to Under 11) into teams.
All players must be registered and paid before attending. If you are not, you will not be placed in a team.
Players already selected in Kangaroos will not need to attend. We suggest a representative from the team does attend.
If you have a team already organised, please email De at registrar@mudgeerabasoccer.com with the team and player details.
If you are new and have friends playing at the club we will endeavor to place you in those teams. If not we will place you in team.
Everyone registered and paid is guaranteed placement into a team. Late registration will be placed on a waiting list.
All teams have volunteer coaches. These are parents from within the teams. The club does not supply coaches. If your team does not have a coach, someone from the team will need to take the role. The club will be supplying assistance to coaches. Please refer to the following post – ‘The Mudgee Way’…. Implementation
We suggest that everyone attends as we will be giving out important information.

Mini Roo Intraclub Carnival and Practice Matches
Fixture for these events will be posted closer to the dates.
The carnival will run till 12/1pm
The practice matches will run like a standard competition Saturday. These matches help the club ensure teams are playing in the correct level.

We will post the registration fee structure shortly.

Committee Nominees

The following people have be nominated for the committee unopposed:

President – John White
Vice President – Dean Cooper
Secretary – Paul Cameselle
Treasurer – De Miller
Junior Chairperson – Greg Wright
Women’s Chairperson – Jodie Paine
Senior Chairperson – Jacquie Buxton

The AGM is being held Thursday, 15th November, 2018 at 6.30pm at the Main Clubhouse.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

‘The Mudgee Way’…. Implementation

Coach Development

We believe that the best way to begin to implement the Junior Development Plan (JDP) vision, ‘The Mudgee Way’, is through coach education.

Our coaches are our volunteer parents. As a community club we must draw from our members to be coaches. In the past we have not properly assisted our coaches in their education.  Moving forward we will better support our coaches by teaching them the vision of the ‘The Mudgee Way’, so they will have the tools to further educate our players. By ‘investing’ in our coaches we hope they will be here for the long haul and carry on coaching into the future

We will begin 2019 with the development of our Mini Roo Coaches.

The following will be the procedure going forward for the club:

  • ALL Mini Roo Coaches will attend the Grassroots Course, held at the club, at the start of the year (Other parents are also welcome to attend). Plans are to have this during the regular coaches meeting. Once completed coach will be given their coaching kits (balls, bibs, cones and workbook). Even if you have done the course before, you will be required to attend again;
  • Mini Roo Coaches will be given age appropriate coaching workbook. The workbook explains the club philosophy and what  skills training is  required from each age group. We will include session plans for coaches to use throughout the season;
  • Mini Roo teams will have a MANDATORY nights training. The Director of Coaching (DOC) will contact coaches at the start of the week to let them know which skill is to be trained on the night. The coaches will be required to set up the appropriate session by referring to their workbook. The DOC will assist the coaches during these nights if they struggling. The DOC is there to educate the coaches, not the team.  Under 8 – 11’s are encouraged to do an extra nights training on their own;
  • A MANDATORY Skill Training Course will be held during the year for coaches of Under 9 to 11 teams. This course is also open to any Mudgeeraba coach who wish to attend. We will set dates once we have the years schedule. This course will be paid for by the club;
  • The DOC will have regular coaches nights (The Football Committee). These will be meetings to discuss coaches progress, issues and successes. The DOC will report to the Club Committee the outcome of these meeting. Free feed and drinks for those that attend;

The DOC will coordinate with competition age coaches (Under 12+) to attend a Game Training Coarse during the year.

The Role of the DOC

The DOC will have a variety of roles in 2019

The DOC will:-

  • coordinate trials for Under 12+ and Under 9 to 11 Kangaroos. Trials will be held in the new year. Dates to be published shortly;
  • contact Mini Roo Coaches each week to inform them of the skill training for that week;
  • attend each Mini Roo training night to assist coaches, not train teams;
  • attend Friday/Saturday games (ALL AGE GROUPS) to assess coaches coaching techniques. The DOC will communicate with coaches, after the game, his observations and suggestions, relating to the JDP vision, if necessary;
  • form a Football Committee. Regular meetings will be held with coaches and managers to discuss football related matters. Minutes of the meeting will be presented to the Club Committee for review;

The DOC role may be expanded in coming years. This will be part of the discussions of the Football Committee.

Parents Code of Conduct

Players make mistakes, referees make mistakes, parents make mistakes.
What is the highlight of your child’s game day?
Was it that they won or lost the game?
Was it that they played with their mates, had some fun, got a slushy, went home content because they did their best and that was reinforced by you?

As outlined in the JDP, to assist in player development, parents are required to follow the following rules;

  • Don’t yell out instructions, do encourage;
  • Don’t yell at your child in public;
  • Don’t yell at your coach;
  • Don’t put your child’s teammates down;
  • Don’t put down other teams;
  • Don’t put down officials;
  • Don’t lose your cool;
  • Encourage your child’s positive performance after the game;
  • Don’t forget how to laugh and have fun;
  • Don’t forget that it is only a game. Your child will try their best and have fun with their teammates;

To assist parents we will continue with having our ground officials. These officials are volunteers and they are helping your child have fun at their game. We all get excited at games sometimes, but if a ground official makes a request of you, please follow them. This goes for home and away games.

If you refuse the ground officials request they have the power to stop a game until the situation has been resolved. This can be embarrassing to everyone involved.

Please avoid any unnecessary hassles and follow the rules above.

CLICK HERE to read our Junior Development Plan, ‘The Mudgee Way’

The ‘Mudgee’ Way

We are proud to announce our Junior Development Program, ‘The Mudgee Way’.

The Mudgee Way gives us a clear direction –

  • for the development of football for our players and coaches;
  • of the roles and responsibilities for parents and club;
  • of our Club Values;

In the coming weeks we will give details on how we intend on implementing the program.

We believe that The Mudgee Way will greatly benefit the club moving forward.

CLICK HERE for ‘The Mudgee Way’

Annual General Meeting

We will be having our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, 15th November, 2018 at 6.30pm.

Nominations are OPEN for the following positions on the committee.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Junior Chairperson
  • Senior Chairperson
  • Women’s Chairperson

Click Here for the nomination forms.

Nominations CLOSE 5pm, Friday, 9th November, 2018.

Nominees will be posted prior to the AGM.

The Gold Coast Champions Cup and Fields

What is the Gold Coast Champions Cup?

The ‘Cup’ is a football tournament run by Mudgeeraba Soccer Club. This tournament was first started in 1996. It has been run by various committees, and volunteers, throughout that time. This event has grown over the year’s to where it now averages 150 teams participating every year (over 2000 participants), from all over Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

The tournament caters for teams from Under 8’s to Under 18’s, boys and girls.

Why is the Gold Coast Champions Cup being played at Mudgeeraba Fields this year?

After the completion of the tournament each year we are required to have a debrief with GCCC. In 2017 this was not different. At that meeting GCCC informed us, that due to the Commonwealth Games, they could not guarantee us the use of Glennon Park for the 2018 ‘Cup’ and that they would have a better idea by late February, 2018, as to whether the fields will be available. (After further conversations with GCCC in early 2018, it was confirmed that we would not have had Glennon Park).

At the end of each tournament we have a minimum of 20 teams that register for the following years tournament and by February we have close to 100 teams registered. We needed to make a decision on where we were going to have the ‘Cup’ in 2018. These teams pre-book accommodation and transport, they needed to know what was happening.

GCCC guaranteed us the use of Sid Bigg Park (Mudgeeraba Fields). There was nothing else that suited our needs to run a successful tournament.

We took the opportunity to secure fields for us to hold this event.

But why not play Finals at Home?

Once the decision was locked in we notified our members via Facebook (a shared post from the Gold Coast Champions Cup Facebook Page)

Every decision regarding our field conditions and usage had the ‘Cup’ in mind.

The committee had to take into account the condition of the fields at the end of the 2017 season. As we may all remember, the fields were a dust bowl, even one WNPL game that we scheduled at home was cancelled due to the poor condition of the fields.

The committee had to assume that we would face the same situation at the end of the 2018 season, so we had to come up with some ideas to help maintain a high fields standard.

These ideas included:-

  • During the Lightning Premiership, field 1 & 2 were played in a east/west format, to help spread ware.
  • When we had rain, we kept the fields closed a extra day to avoid tearing them up.
  • We pushed to have teams return goals after games and training (most times to no avail)
  • Teams were to avoid training on Field 1

GCCC had done their bit during the year with fertiliser and other treatment.

Coaches and Managers were informed at every meeting that the ‘Cup’ will be at home. We stressed the importance of helping maintain our fields.

And the fields have held up better this year.

But we needed to do something else to insure the fields are in top condition for the ‘Cup’. We have employed a groundsman who will be applying more product to fields, to compliment what the GCCC are doing, to give the grass a bit more of a kick in the guts to start growing. But for this to help we need to keep people off the fields.

And this is were we end up having to shut fields after the normal season finishes.

The field closures are in stages. Firstly, the worst affected areas are shut first (Field 1 & 2). Field 3 stays open for an extra week, maybe two weeks, to accommodate training for finals and Mudgeeraba Champs Cup teams. After that all the fields will be shut for close to 2 weeks before the tournament to allow them sufficient time to recover. Those teams training for the ‘Cup’ will have to train on the outside of the fields.

As you can see these things were planned out. There was no spur of the moment decisions. The unfortunate choice we had to make was to play home semi finals away, but it was unavoidable.

Why did you make these decisions without telling us?

You have ‘elected’ us to make these kind of decisions. The majority of our members do not want to know all the decisions we have to make throughout the year. Those that do want to know are the ones who get involved, attend AGM’s and committee meetings. These are always open for those that are interested in attending.  We have nothing to hide, what we do as a committee is for ALL our members. No one on the committee benefits from being on the committee. We give our time, every week, to insure that our members enjoy their experience at the club, both on and off the field. But it is something we enjoy doing (most days).

Should we have notified everyone earlier about what was happening with finals? Probably. Did we miss a beat by not notifying everyone? Maybe. Have we missed much else this year? No.

But why worry about a carnival? What’s the big deal?

The Gold Coast Champions Cup is our major fund raiser. We do not ask you to sell raffles tickets or chocolates during the year.  We do not force you to ground official or run the canteen.

You come to Mudgeeraba Soccer Club to train, play football and enjoy the atmosphere.

But these luxuries cost money that rego’s don’t totally cover. That’s why ALL clubs have to fund raise. Some clubs do it like stated above, or through sponsorships, but we have the ‘Cup’. That’s how we fund raise.

Stage one of our building program (the Junior Clubhouse) was part funded by the ‘Cup’. The future stage two development(the synthetic training pitches) will also be part funded by the revenue from the ‘Cup’.  Other project that have been undertaken at the club throughout the years were because of the ‘Cup’

Without the Gold Coast Champions Cup the club will not be where it is today.

In conclusion, because of events that were out of our control (the Commonwealth Games and field availability) the committee was forced to make decisions that were not optimal but were necessary to insure the longevity of your club.

Please visit the Champions Cup Website and Facebook Page to get a feel as to how important the ‘Cup’ is to your club and why we have to make it another successful year.












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