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We are now taking orders for:

  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Caps
  • Polos
  • Sports Bags

Orders must be pre-paid, stock order will be sent once a month (start of the month). Orders generally take 2 to 3 weeks.

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Team Division Changes

With the Lightning Premiership over, Football Gold Coast have made their changes to team divisions. FGC has also posted a draw for the next few weeks. There will be changes to the draw as some clubs have requested changes for their teams. Double check your draw before next weeks games.

There was no Lightning Premiership for Girls, so there has been no changes for them.

ALL COMPETITION AGED TEAMS (Under 12+) WILL NEED TO REPOPULATE THEIR MyFGC TEAM SHEETS. Once Football Gold Coast have finalised teams, we will give access to the team sheets to coaches and managers. Please check your access early next week.


Below is a list of the changes:

Under 9 Red to Under 9 Wallabies – Brazil

Under 12 JPL  to Under 12 Div 1

Under 12 Div 1 to Under 12 Div 2

Under 12 Div 2 to Under 12 Div 3

Under 12 Div 3 to Under 12 Div 4

Under 13 JPL to Under 13 Div 1

Under 13 Div1 TBA

Under 14 JPL TBA

Under 14 Div 1 to Under 14 Div 2

Under 14 Div 2 to Under 14 Div 3

Under 15 Div 1 to Under 15 Div 2 Black (Other Under 15 Div 2 will be Under 15 Div 2 Yellow)





Coaches/Managers Meeting

We are holding a coaches and managers meeting on :-


at 5.30pm and at 6.45pm


These times are for all age groups. We have organised 2 time slots  to accommodate teams that may be training.

It is imperative that coaches and/or managers attend this meeting. If neither can attend,  then we need a team representative.

Please inform your coach/manager of this post to ensure that your team is represented.