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Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to fill the following roles:

Saturday Juniors  Ground Official:-
We require an responsible persons to officiate on Field 1 & 2.

The role of a Ground Official during games is very important in maintaining a safe, enjoyable and harassment free atmosphere. Their primary responsibility is to the welfare of the Referees and Assistant Referees and the provision of adequate safety for the protection of players and the public.

The role will also involve opening/closing the clubhouse, entering score into MyFGC and emptying rubbish bins.

Fundraising Coordinator:-
We require a volunteer to organise and run fundraising initiatives. The coordinator will need to  build a team, brainstorm ideas, seek  committee approval and then run the fundraiser.

If you feel that you are able to help out please email Paul at


Fields Are OPEN

Thursday, 15th March

Fields will be OPEN tonight for training.

Please be aware that the fields are still very soft. Please refrain from intensive training and do not train in the same spot. Running can be done on the outside of the fields and ball work on the fields.

Please use common sense when training.

The Clubhouse will be OPEN from 5.30pm.

MyFGC Teamsheet Changes

For the teams that have changes to their draws with the combination of areas (North & South), you will need to add your team roster to your teamsheets.

All Coaches & Managers now have access on MyFGC to the new ‘divisions’. You will be required to add your team to the new ‘division’ before your next game.

Competition Aged ( Under 12+) Fixture Shuffles

In preparation for the end of the Lightning Premiership, Football Gold Coast have shuffled some of the teams to begin grouping them in the correct divisions.

Please check your draw thoroughly for any changes. The divisions have been renamed ‘North & South’ and ‘South & North’. Check each to find your team and where they are playing. Ignore next weeks fixtures, as these may change also.

Competition Aged Coaches/Managers (Under 12+)

We require all coaches/managers of competition aged teams to ensure their team sheets have photos uploaded and that the existing photos are not dated.

If photos are not uploaded, your team risks the chance of forfeiting their next game. (CMC Rule 4.3.3)

You can take the photo with your phone and upload it straight to the team sheet

To upload photos:

  • Under ‘Coaches’ Tab select ‘My Teams’
  • Under ‘Current  Season’ select your team by using the down facing arrow on the right
  • On the right of the player, Click ‘View/Edit Player’
  • Where their picture should be or old picture is select ‘Browse’
  • Choose the players photo, then click ‘Upload’

If you have issues, Paul will be at the Main Clubhouse from 5.30pm Tuesday and Thursday to help.


Field Closure Procedures

We will update the website/Facebook at around 3pm for field closures for training. We check with Council and visit the grounds and we make a judgement on the field conditions. If there is no post then the fields are open. Please allow a little time after 3pm for updates.

If it has been raining and we have kept the fields open, please be mindful of soft spot on fields and try to avoid these areas.

Field closures for games will be posted by 4pm on Fridays and 7.30am on Saturdays. We only post details about our clubs closures or if Football Gold Coast has made a blanket round postponement. It is your teams responsibility to contact other clubs about their field closures. Usually you can check their Facebook or website.



Officials Lanyards Meeting Postponed

The official lanyard meeting set for next week has been postponed by Football Gold Coast because the required equipment has been held up at customs.

The new date for acquiring lanyards is:-

Thursday, 26th April, from 5.30pm

All volunteers (coaches, managers, bench officials etc) are required to a obtain a lanyard. You must first have registered with the club on MyFootballClub, have had your blue card status check by the club, and fill out the nessecary paperwork at the club.

If you are unable to attend on this date, it will be your responsibility to arrange a time with Football Gold Coast to obtain your lanyard.

After the above date, if you have not obtained your lanyard you will be unable to sit on on the bench in any capacity. Football Gold Coast are cracking down on bench officials this year.

This also goes for Mini-Roo coaches, you may not be able to coach without your lanyard.

Please make every effort to be at the club on the above date and have had the necessary requirements completed.