At Mudgeeraba Soccer Club, we are thrilled to introduce a soccer dynamo who has not only made a mark on the field but is now set to leave an indelible impression as the new Senior Women’s Coach – the talented and experienced Jodie Prince.

Jodie’s soccer journey began at the age of 9 in the United Kingdom, where she honed her skills with Portsmouth Ladies. In 2016, she made the journey down under to Australia, bringing her passion and expertise to the soccer scene here. Starting at Musgrave Premier League, Jodie quickly climbed the ranks, making her mark with Mudgeeraba’s NPL team. Her journey continued with Broadbeach in FQPL2, culminating in a triumphant victory in the 2021 finals.

The 2022/23 season saw Jodie back with Musgrave, this time in FQPL 3. Her impact was undeniable as she not only helped her team secure the league title but also guided them to victory in the finals. The following year, Jodie and her teammates continued their success, making it to the finals once again. Throughout her career, Jodie has been a versatile force on the field, playing a crucial role as a midfielder/defender and showcasing her adaptability and skill.

While Jodie has certainly left her mark as a player, we are beyond excited to announce her as the Head Coach of our Div 1 team for the 2024 season. Her wealth of experience and dedication to the sport make her the perfect candidate to lead our team to new heights. As she nears the completion of her C license, we anticipate that Jodie’s coaching skills will be further refined, benefiting all aspects of her role at Mudgeeraba.

Jodie Prince brings not only a wealth of playing experience but also a passion for the game that is infectious. Her commitment to excellence both on and off the field aligns perfectly with the values of Mudgeeraba Soccer Club. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact she will undoubtedly have on our players and the broader soccer community.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter with Jodie at the helm, we invite our community to join us in welcoming her to Mudgeeraba Soccer Club. With her leadership, we are confident that our Senior Women’s team is poised for success in the upcoming season and beyond. Here’s to a fantastic journey ahead with Jodie Prince leading the charge!