As a fundraising levy, every junior will have a $20 raffle book included in their fees. There are 10 tickets in each book. Members are able to sell the raffle tickets or keep them for themselves. There will be extra tickets for sale from the Clubhouse.

The raffle will be drawn at the end of year presentation. The prizes are:

  • 1st Prize – Xbox One X
  • 2nd Prize – 32″ HD LED LCD TV
  • 3rd Prize – Rebel Sports Gift Vouchers

Fees for next year are:

  • Under 6 – 7 = $370 inc GST
  • Under 8 – 9 = $480 inc GST
  • Under 10 – 11 = $490 inc GST

(Includes – Playing strip, shorts, socks, team photo, trophy and 10 raffles tickets)

  • Under 12 – $490 inc GST
  • Under 13-14 – $500 inc GST
  • Under 15-18 – $510 inc GST

(Includes – Club polo, shorts, socks, team photo, trophy and 10 raffle tickets)

  • Seniors – $500 inc GST (Includes – Club polo, shorts and socks)

This works out to an average of $24 per competition week (20 games). This average does not include trials, preseason training and preseason games.

Players fee’s must be paid in full before they can receive their uniform and are able to play.

What do my fees cover?

The attached graph is the breakdown of your fees.

  • Equipment is football related repairs or purchase eg. pop up goals, goal repair, corner flags, training poles, etc.
  • Training kit includes a teams training balls, cones, bibs and bag.
  • Maintenance is related to the clubhouse and surrounds.