Game Date – Saturday, 7th March

  • We suggest that each team wears their team colour to these games.
  • Home team (first team on the draw) to supply match ball.
  • We require each team to start using their team Ground Officials this weekend
  • Please respect the ‘No Go Zones’ – They are clearly marked between Field 5 & 6 and Fields 9 & 10
  • Coaches of the above fields have designated technical areas marked out in the ‘No Go Zone’. These are there to be used. Please respect other coaches and teams and do not wonder outside your area, especially in front of another coach.
  • Coaches – If your team is ‘smashing’ another team, place restrictions on your players to allow the other team some time on the ball. For example, do not pressure the other team until they have had 3 players touch the ball or each player on your team has to have a touch on the ball before you can score.