As we move closer to the start of the season and with the current wet weather, here are the wet weather procedures regarding field closures.

Training Nights

After we inspect the fields we will notify field status by 3pm on Facebook and our website. Please don’t call, SMS, Facebook or email regarding field closures, they wont be answered. We receive close to 50 requests during rainy days and we are unable to answer them all when we have to work also. We will post updates.

If nothing is posted, use the last notification about field closures.

We look at the longevity of our fields and even though the Council may have them open, we may believe they should remain closed. Please respect the decision made by the Club.

Game Days

We will notify members about OUR field closures on Facebook and the website. If you are playing away, it is your teams responisblity to check that fields status, usually through their Facebook or website.

If Football Gold Coast call a blanket cancellation of games, we will post it on Facebook or our website.